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The Sands - dress code

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The Sands - dress code

Beitragvon Foobsy » Fr Nov 12, 2010 15:22

I'm due to stay at The Sands Resort this December for my wedding. All the information I have says that for dinner in the hotel, a certain dress code is expected, although it doesn't really say what that is. Can anyone enlighten me? Are we talking shirt and trousers here? Will I be turned away if I have smart knee length shorts and short sleeve shirt on?

There is a dinner dnace on Christmas Eve and on Hogmany that we are looking forward to. The fancy dresses and smart shirt and trousers will be freshly pressed for that.

I also fancied trying my hand at diving. I see the hotel has an accsociation with a local padi diving centre. I've never gone diving before, do they run total beginner classes?


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Re: The Sands - dress code

Beitragvon wickus » Fr Nov 12, 2010 21:36

As far as I know they are asking normally for casual dress code. Means long pants, not sure if Jeans are included. Shorts for dinner was not desired in the hotels I stayed.
Haven't tried it so I don't know if they ask you to leave...but the room won't be far to change to something nicer. [biggrin]
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