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Le Meridian/Legends?

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Le Meridian/Legends?

Beitragvon Nick777 » Mo Dez 06, 2004 18:09

I am going to Mauritius in March for 10 nights.

I was thinking about staying either in Le Meridian or Legends but am not sure which side (North East or North West) will have the better weather, and less chance of rain.

I also would like to know about the beach at each hotel, as I have heard that they are not good because they are rocky and small.

Any other Suggestions?


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Beitragvon stefan » Mi Dez 08, 2004 11:48

hi Nick777, i'm not a expert in hotels, but i know that the Meridian is a very nice hotel and i dit not see any rocky beach there :lol:
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moris forum membre a'élite
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Beitragvon axel » Mi Dez 08, 2004 12:04

you like feng shui? legends is built in this way....
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Site Admin
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Beitragvon Dabadee » Do Dez 30, 2004 15:57

Fotos from the Hotel Legends you will find on my homepage:

We spent there wonderfull honeymoon-holidays this september.


PS: There's not a rocky beach by the hotel
moris explorater
moris explorater
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Beitragvon mike@hibiscus » So Jan 23, 2005 14:12

I live bearly 5 minutes walk from Legends and know it well. I have a good friend who works as a scuba-dive master there and I'm in and out all the time.. It's beautiful and definatly a quality hotel. If i can remember rightly they've upgraded their star rating to 5 too?!?.. Top Choice! :ploppop
moris explorater
moris explorater
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