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Le Meredien in july-august

All about Hotels and Accommodations

Le Meredien in july-august

Beitragvon cadomaro » Sa Nov 11, 2006 22:53

Hello to all!
I write from Spain because I have found this forum about Mauricio and is very interesting.
Can you help Me with these doubts?
I want to go to Le Meridian Hotel with my boyfriend the next summer in July-August and I want to know:
How is the hotel?
How is the beach?
How is the weather in those dates?
Is good this hotel or another different hotel?
What place is better: the east or the west?
Thank you very much and to pardon my English.

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Registriert: Sa Nov 11, 2006 22:39

Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon hoppel24110 » Mo Aug 06, 2007 15:24

i want to go to MUR next year. I checked now 3 for me possible Hotels and the Meridien is not so good in A lot of bad evaluations are there about the hotel and the beach. So now i have to decide for me between Pirouge or Cannier.
I hope I could help you a little bit.
jette ene coup d'oeil
jette ene coup d'oeil
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Registriert: Mo Aug 06, 2007 12:29

Beitragvon muks » So Aug 12, 2007 22:02

Hi there,

I have booked this hotel for september.
Been using this site for reviews. ... ments.html

Hope it helps.
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Registriert: Fr Mai 18, 2007 20:24
Wohnort: UK Leicester

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