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Interested in the North

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Interested in the North

Beitragvon kifire » Mo Apr 18, 2005 19:06

My fiancee and I are planning for our Honeymoon March 2006 in Mauritius and we narrowed it to the North Coast coz we found out that is the area with a lively night life. We would love your help in sorting out afew things for us:
1. We will be staying for about 7 nights and our budget is about USD1500 for accomodation. I saw two hotels; Casuarina Hotel and Mont Choisy Coralia Hotel Mauritius are they any good? Are there other choices people would recommend? Rooms with seaviews are what we are looking for

2. We want an area we have access to people and activity. My financee is not big on snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, but loves places with cultural activities, live bands,food, etc What hotel would place us as close to people and Mauiritian culture?

Thank you for your help! :ploppop

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Registriert: Mo Apr 18, 2005 18:43

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Beitragvon SS » Di Apr 19, 2005 10:42

Great to know that your have selected Mauritius as the destination.

Coralia is more popular.

POrt Louis by bus takes around 75 minutes and less than a dollar. Buses run between 6:00am and 7:00pm

hope that helps
You're welcome !
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Registriert: Di Apr 19, 2005 10:32
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Beitragvon anne » Di Apr 19, 2005 12:59


both hotels are very nice, Casuarina and Coralia.

If you will be near to the nightlife
take a look to Le Merville Hotel, 10 Min walking distance to Grand Baie, with a nice beach outside the baie .

best reagards anne
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moris forum membre a'élite
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More guidance

Beitragvon kifire » Mi Apr 20, 2005 16:58

Thank you to everybody for their responses. After looking at the recommendations we have added one more hotel to the list :wink) Please guides us on the best hotel to choose from in terms of cost, accessibility to different places within a short distance or period of time. If people have links where people have made comments on the hotels or have images of how the rooms look we would really appreciate...Thank you

Ohhh here is the list of the three hotels:
Merville Beach Hotel
Mont Choisy Coralia Hotel....... :mrgreen:
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Registriert: Mo Apr 18, 2005 18:43

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