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honymoon in paradise

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honymoon in paradise

Beitragvon dilberjaanee » Sa Okt 27, 2007 7:17

Hi Mauritius.
I am planing to celebrate my honey moon in Mauritius (Mid-End December). But I do now want to get these packages tours. I want to enjoy at my own pace and celebrate out union out there in paradise. Can some one guide me about which hotels to book. what other activity to plan out. And how much would it cost per week including stay and other activities, would appreciate if you could provide a break up but even a general idea would help me budget for the trip. Also I was thinking of renting a car to drive myself around are there any local companies I should look at, how much would it cost which side do you guys drive on and were can I find all this info.
thanks in advance

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Registriert: Fr Okt 26, 2007 0:25

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