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Honeymoon September 2010

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Honeymoon September 2010

Beitragvon martijnaikema » Sa Jan 16, 2010 13:31


After our marriage on 10 September 2010 we are going on a safari in South Africa. After this we want to stay on Mauritius for about 8/9 days.

We have studied various travel guides and reading lots of reviews, but still we do not know which resort to choose for this last week of our honeymoon (last week of September).

We have made a small selection:
* Le Victoria
* La Piroque
* Maritim Hotel
* Paradis Hotel
* Paradise Cove
* Le Recif
* The Sands
* Legends

We are looking for a nice and romantic place with beautifull beaches. We both like snorkeling. We are not looking for a family hotel. The main reason to visit Mauritius is to relax at a romantic place with good service, nice weather, bounty beaches and good food.

Can you advise us and help us making a good choice? We are also open for other suggestions.

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Re: Honeymoon September 2010

Beitragvon Kari09 » Sa Jan 16, 2010 17:47


i'm sorry for my english, because i'm from germany [blush] ...

it is a very nice idea to go to mauritius for honeymoon.... [good] ist a wonderful place....we have married in may 2009 over the hotel "preskil"....i think it is for two and also for familys...

in your selection you are looking for the LEGENDS or THE SANDS....for exempale... i think these hotels are not family hotels, but i'm not sure....the legends is a very very luxury hotel and i think thats the best ....if you want specials [biggrin] ...another very nice hotel is the SOFITEL, with a very nice beach

i wish you a very nice time of mautitius, a wonderful wedding and honeymoon and the best for your life........ :flower2)

with my best regards

Nimm dir Zeit um froh zu ist die Musik der Seele........
content partagé
content partagé
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Re: Honeymoon September 2010

Beitragvon dagulskie » So Jul 18, 2010 11:11

Selecting mauritius would be great place for your honeymoon. BEST WISHES!

Food Catering London
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Re: Honeymoon September 2010

Beitragvon whatever » So Sep 19, 2010 15:03

In Maritim Hotel Mauritius, one of their listed activity is snorkeling. I think it best suites you! Best wishes!
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Re: Honeymoon September 2010

Beitragvon enzianmaedchen » So Sep 19, 2010 15:52

My tip for you ist La Pirogue, but better the Mother Hotel Sugar Beach.

Our wedding was in the sugar Beach on 18.01.2010 and we make Honeymoon in the sugar Beach on January 2011!

Martina enzianmaedchen
enzianmaedchen Martina

Urlaub in Bayern:
aide boucou
aide boucou
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Re: Honeymoon September 2010

Beitragvon sExpedition » Fr Jan 07, 2011 15:01

Some call Mauritius paradise, and they're not far off. There is a reason that the rich and famous choose to spend their holidays on this glorious island, which is located in the Indian Ocean not far from the rest of Africa. The island is as pretty as a postcard; the blueness of the bright sky combined with the endless turquoise sea can almost hurt your eyes with its beauty. The interior of the island is a lush green, with forests, mountains, and plantations to lend it all that special fairy tale aspect.

It's also perfect for your honeymoon. Not only is the backdrop simply to die for, but the water is warm and there is plenty to do over the course of your long, lazy days. Each and every hotel hosts a bevy of land and water sports, so if you're active types you'll find plenty of different ways to amuse yourselves. Mauritius honeymoons can not only provide you with the perfect opportunity to relax, but with new experiences to indulge in over the course of your honeymoon. Best of all, there is never a bad time to go to Mauritius; it's stunning and warm year-round, so no matter when you choose to celebrate your marriage you'll be able to choose this destination. Despite the fact that it's still very warm in Mauritius's winter, this is considered the off season and you can get honeymoon at a true bargain price.

There are truly some amazing activities that you and your new spouse can indulge in upon your arrival at Mauritius. Swimming with dolphins or even sharks can be both exciting and very romantic. As honeymooners, you'll experience a few special perks that others can't access or would have to pay extra for; if you make clear that you're on your honeymoon, you should be able to get free upgrades, champagne, and even more goodies than you might expect. It's worth making it clear, because having that room upgrade or a special candlelit dinner for free could really make your honeymoon that much more special, especially if you really couldn't afford it in the first place.

One of the best resorts for honeymooners on Mauritius is the Belle Mare Plage. This five star restaurant is located on the east coast of the island, right next to one of the most beautiful beaches you'll find in the world. Underneath the sparkling blue ocean is a coral reef, making the waters more peaceful and perfect for those who'd like to spend time both above and below its glittering surface. The rooms themselves are nestled in lush tropical gardens; you can stay in one of three types of regular room or a villa set away from the other accommodation.

Choosing a villa means you'll be able to have romantic dinners for two on your own, and your own private swimming pool means you'll never have to worry about another person intruding on your romantic honeymoon. They have extra bedrooms, however, so it's probably a better deal to choose a Prestige Room, located close to the pool, or a Junior suite, which will be quieter and a bit larger around their own pool. The resort also boasts not one but two 18-hole championship golf courses, which are free for guests.Heading to Mauritius on your honeymoon can be the romantic experience that seals your perfect marriage for good. Pair it with a luxury safari to make the perfect twin centre honeymoon.

encor Basic
encor Basic
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