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Honeymoon at hotell Les Pavillions.

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Honeymoon at hotell Les Pavillions.

Beitragvon magnus » Di Okt 26, 2004 18:17


Me and my wife are leaving from sweden at nov 12 and will be arriving at nov 13 , about 10:35 local time. can anyone tell me something about the hotell we have chosen? Is it far away from activities? I would lika too make a dream come true and try some deep sea fishing and dive with dolphins with my wife.Is the beach windy?How is the weather in november?

//magnus and liselotte

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Beitragvon axel » Mo Nov 01, 2004 11:47

Hi ,

sorry for late reply, was out a couple of days and just came back.

Les Pavillions is located in the South West, the hotel itself is not situated in a 'windy corner'. The beach is great, walking along for several kilometers.
The area of Le Morne is famous place for deep sea fishing, a little northern you have the 'dolphin-area'. You can reach easily by boat.

Its a great place to relaxe with wonderful sunsets...

Am sure you will enjoy your stay
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Registriert: Di Sep 28, 2004 15:29
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same place

Beitragvon telerian » Mo Jan 31, 2005 16:14


I will be having my honeymoon at the same hotel, starting 28 March 2005. Is the weather good at that time of the year ?

What are the nice activities to do there ?
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Registriert: Mo Jan 31, 2005 16:06

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