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Berjaya Le Morne

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Berjaya Le Morne

Beitragvon Tashi3 » Di Jan 31, 2006 0:59

Hi, we are getting married at the Dinarobin hotel in September. My h2b's parents are staying in Les Pavillons. However, my dad wants to come but Les Pavillons is a bit over budget. I was wondering has anybody stayed in Berjaya Le Morne and what did you think of it? What was the food like, the rooms etc... He will probably go all inclusive so need the food to be reasonable. He basically just wants somewhere to stay though that is not overly priced. Alternatively have you got any other ideas for other affordable hotels in that area?

jette ene coup d'oeil
jette ene coup d'oeil
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Registriert: Mo Aug 29, 2005 22:14

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Beitragvon OJ » Di Jan 31, 2006 2:55

Hi Tashi3,

I recommend that you check TripAdvisor concerning the Berjaya. As far as I know, the valuations are not always positive. With regard to the German prices, the difference between the Berjaya and Les Pavillons is not too big. The point is, that apart from the Indian Ressort (more expensive) you only have Dinarobin and Le Paradis as alternatives.
Perhaps you might be able to find an appartment or guesthouse in the vicinity in the accomodation section of this homepage .
I wish you all the best!
Greetings from
content partagé
content partagé
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Registriert: Di Sep 13, 2005 10:56
Wohnort: Mainz

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