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Average cost of a three & four star hotel in the Grand B

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Average cost of a three & four star hotel in the Grand B

Beitragvon kifire » Fr Aug 12, 2005 18:30


Could somebody please provide the average cost in dollars to stay in a Three Star & four Star hotel in the Grand Baire for six days & nights?And is there a big difference in rates between the high season and low season, if so by how much? If anyone knows of a website that provides good information on the questions that I have asked I would appreciate that....Thanks :ploppop

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Registriert: Mo Apr 18, 2005 18:43

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Beitragvon Bartek » Sa Aug 13, 2005 15:57

hallo kifire,

I don't know exactly what's the average rate in Grand Baie, but can tell you that couple of days ago booked a room in Ocean Villas (, and this place seems to have the lowest rates comparing to other 3* hotels and still offers good service. This hotel is not in the center of Grand Baie, but considering quite low prices of taxis, I don't find this a problem.

Best regards

moris explorater
moris explorater
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Registriert: Mi Jun 22, 2005 0:42

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