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Any experiences from hotel Klondike?

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Any experiences from hotel Klondike?

Beitragvon Pauliina » Sa Mär 19, 2005 16:07

We are planning a trip to Mauritius next october.
I woud like to hear if somebody have experiences from Hotel Klondike in the Flic en Flack beach. How did you like it?

And then, is there any ridingstables nearby? My dream is to ride on the beach to the sunset... :wink)

Regards, Pauliina
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Beitragvon stefan » Sa Mär 19, 2005 17:35

hi Pauliina, Klondike Hotel, is a small one in Flic en Flac.
some people say it's nice and friendly, some do not like the rooms.
my self, i know only the klondike pool and thats a nice one. :wink)
but the rooms i have never seens, so sorry, can't help realy.
a horse riding stable, is not too close to the hotel, i believe for this, it's not the best choice.
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