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1 year Practical on Mauritius?

for our english speaking user.

1 year Practical on Mauritius?

Beitragvon CheminGrenierier » Fr Mär 02, 2007 14:26


i'm 22 years old and i need 1 year practical experiences in information studies. I'm going to study Informatic Sciences and therefor i have to spent one year in a foreign country.
But why do you have chosen Mauritius?
No shorter response for this question ;) : My father is mauritian and so i've been on Mauritius already 6 times. The last stay was last year for one month.
So I love this island and i would like to spent 1 year on my practical year there.
Has anyone an idea how to find out where i have to apply?


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Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon ud » Fr Mär 02, 2007 18:21


Where are you from?

Anyways I assume by Informatic Sciences, you meant Information Technology.

Well there are a few companies here related to the IT sector but the Mauritian job market nowadays has been overflooded with IT students and its more and more difficult to get a job in this sector unless you are really really up to the task.

Although language is not necessarily an issue, you seem to be at a disadvantage here by not knowing creole and not writing English properly (without any disrespect towards your person).

Well tell me more about your placement? Does it have to be a paid one?
If its not a paid one I'm sure you might get a better chance and be accepted by a local company.

Kind regards

moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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