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What tourists dislike

for our english speaking user.

What tourists dislike

Beitragvon Klaus » Di Okt 07, 2003 1:56

Most tourists are disappointed by the lack of environmental care, road quality, road safety and signs, and social disparity in Mauritius. Other areas of dissatisfaction also include value for money in hotels, entertainment and taxi.
These major weaknesses are revealed in a study through face-to-face interviews with departing tourists.
The objectives of the study were to measure positive and negative perceptions and opinions of the tourists on Mauritius and gather actionable and up-to-date information on the market.
However, the analysis of the share of excellence confirms the areas of strengths of Mauritius as a holiday destination and shows that visitors are more attracted by sea and beaches, local people, and scenery and nature.
The most preferred excursions for visitors are Ile aux Cerfs, Pamplemousses gardens and nature parks.

Mauritius is mainly perceived as a sun and sea destination and an island with a mosaic culture. It is considered to be a safe destination but there seems to be a lacuna in terms of caring for its environment and harmonious development, the study says.

Overall satisfaction and perception of Mauritius are linked. This could have an impact on "recommendations", which is the major influencing factor in choosing Mauritius recommendations from friends and relatives. If the friends are not satisfied, they will not recommend Mauritius. Therefore, the sustainability of the growth in the tourism sector will only be possible with a continuous improvement of the satisfaction level of visitors.

The study thinks the priorities today are to (1) reinforce the strengths of Mauritius welcome at arrival points and hotels, local people, beaches and scenery; (2) overcome the weaknesses road safety and road quality, value for money, environment, urbanism, nightlife, taxis, and social disparity; and (3) priorities for hotels are to improve their value for money, nightlife and food quality and diversity.


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