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What is the weather right now?

for our english speaking user.

What is the weather right now?

Beitragvon Ghost_guard » Sa Mär 22, 2008 18:59

I need some local people to answer, because I am flying on 26/3 to Mauritius. What is the weather right now? I saw that there is the cyclone Lola northeast of Reunion, is it going to affect Mauritius? All in all, my vacations will be rainy and windy? I saw about the cyclone and I feel very stressed...

Best regards from Greece

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Beitragvon QueenMary2 » Sa Mär 22, 2008 19:24


don't get stressed....even though right now the weather is not too good. It has been raining a lot today and it's windy too.
But that might change by the time you get here.

I sure you will have a great time here!
moris explorater
moris explorater
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