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What`s the philosophy of the US and Europe diplomacy in MRU?

for our english speaking user.

What`s the philosophy of the US and Europe diplomacy in MRU?

Beitragvon Klaus » Sa Okt 04, 2003 3:41

In the 21th century, the principal aim of American and Europe foreign policy is to integrate countries, peoples and organizations into arrangements that will sustain a world consistent with United States and Europe interests and democratic values, and thereby promote peace, prosperity and good governance as widely as possible. Among the goals set by the Europe States and also the U.S. for its overseas missions there are several that protect the nation, advance sustainable development and global interests, and gain international understanding.

Mauritius is the example often held up to other African countries of how a democratic country which embraces these principles enjoys an ever increasing measure of economic prosperity and peace. Mauritius has been instrumental in the development of the landmark U.S. and Europe legislation signed into law as the African Growth and Opportunity Act that provides a means for African countries to preferentially access the U.S. and Europe marketplace, the world's largest. Mauritius was the first African country to host the AGOA Economic Forum overseas.

What do you think?


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spécialist moris
spécialist moris
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Beitragvon joana » Sa Okt 04, 2003 15:20

I think its amazing how an independent country like Mauritius, belonging to Africa could show such a success in economics

I guess the reason of its success is its flexibility...

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Site Admin
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