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What to buy in Mauritius (and where)

for our english speaking user.

What to buy in Mauritius (and where)

Beitragvon vertex » Mi Mär 22, 2006 23:04


I've heard obut some international textile brands like Ralph Lauren that have (or had?) some factories in Mauritius. But in this forum i have only read about Billabong one.

Where must I go shopping for textile?

What else should I buy at the island?

Thank you very much! :ploppop

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Registriert: Di Jan 24, 2006 21:07

Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon Stony » Do Mär 23, 2006 0:41

Hi vertex,

Textile industry is quite established in Mauritius. However, the major brands like RL have ceased to exist some time ago. There was a legal / licensing issue with these. In general there are some known "brands" but these are very likely fakes. Never the less, the quality might not be bad. Just have a look at the various markets and stores.

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Re: What to buy in Mauritius (and where)

Beitragvon Tibicina » Do Mär 30, 2017 13:45

Hi, new here and I am from Australia and I am also looking for some textile brands
like Living Textiles to buy some gifts. But I am not getting any AU brands. Any help?
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Registriert: Do Mär 30, 2017 13:38

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