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2 weeks on Mauritius in August

for our english speaking user.

2 weeks on Mauritius in August

Beitragvon kidfunk » So Mai 21, 2006 15:35

I'm honeymooning on Mauritius for two weeks in the middle of August?

We were thinking of some bungalows in Le Morne, be we are afraid that it is a little remote and we want a little night life/cafes (we're coming from 6 weeks in madagascar).

Should looking for simple bungalows (on/near the beach) not too expensive). And we plan to cook about half our meals. Where else should we look.

Can we get to Mauritius and simply find a place when we get there?


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Beitragvon stefan » Mo Mai 22, 2006 6:40

kidfunk, then i think you better look for something in Grand Bay.
there is some nightlife...
as you are comming from madagascar :mrgreen:
nice day
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