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for our english speaking user.


Beitragvon corsa174 » Fr Aug 13, 2010 17:30

hi there, i am visiting mauritius on 21st august 2010 and have concerns about the weather!!
i have been looking at forecasts on the internet etc, but can anybody tell me what the weather is actually like at this time of year please??
is it warm enough to sunbathe?
does it go cold at night?
any information would be greatfully received.
thank you

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Registriert: Fr Aug 13, 2010 17:13

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Re: weather

Beitragvon julchen-panter » Fr Aug 13, 2010 17:51

Hey, i can tell yot that the weather is always different. Dont worry too much because you can go to the beach for sunbathing. The sea is a bit colder then in summer but u can still swim. In the night it is also colder then in summer which is good, because therefor you dont need air con. You will sleep better.
So dont worry about the weather because you cant change it anyway. It can be really nice and hot, it can be never know. It can rain for days or it can be just sunny...

Enjoy your stay in Mauritius :-)
content sa forum la
content sa forum la
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