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Weather in mid April

for our english speaking user.

Weather in mid April

Beitragvon pietaszek » Fr Feb 09, 2007 13:45

We are thinking of visiting Mauritius in mid April (16 - 25th). Not sure about the weather. Can anyone help??
We have choosen the hotel Le Beau Rivage which is located on the East side of the Island. I am a little afraid about the rain at this time.

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Beitragvon Kathy » Fr Feb 09, 2007 15:59

You can check the weather site here to get an idea.

Last year, I was in the Northwest for three weeks from mid-April.
Mid-April was extremely windy for a couple of days, but then, things became better and better.
The East side is more exposed to weather (wind, rain, etc.). ... limate.htm
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spécialist moris
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Beitragvon ud » Fr Feb 09, 2007 16:44

The link can help but the weather is really unpredictable just like the 5 succcessive days with rain we've got recently.

April being the beginning of Winter should result in the temperature dropping down a bit as well as the humidity making it more pleasant to spend your days.

The East Side can be windy sometimes just like Kathy said but oh well I'm sure you won't bet blown away :wink)

Enjoy your stay. Everything should be fine. make the most out of it.


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moris forum membre a'élite
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