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Weather Forecast for Mai required 8-)

for our english speaking user.

Weather Forecast for Mai required 8-)

Beitragvon rudmain » Fr Mär 04, 2005 12:22

Hello :)

First of all, may I introduce myself :)
I'm Michal from Poland.
I'm fascinated about Mauritius island, nature, people and other
I was planning to be there in march, but I'm not sure about weather condition in this period. My decision about travel only up to weather :)
Hmm not only. It's depends on flight price too :)
Ok, I come back to my subject.

Now I will planning to go there in Mai: for example sinsce 30 april till 15 mai. But I dont know about weather forecast (longterm??) for this month.
Dear people, can You tell me something about my term choice? What's about weather at last mai (in 2004)?

Next question is about...: How can I get to Madagascar from Mauritius?
Are there any cheap flights or ferries? And how much it cost? Or please give me an url :)

Thx in advance :)

Sorry for my english

Michal `Rudmain

Beiträge: 2
Registriert: Mo Feb 28, 2005 0:21

Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon mike@hibiscus » Fr Mär 04, 2005 23:30

Hi Michal

The weather has been very unpredictable lately, one day clear blue sky-boiling hot & the next overcast and raining. It will always be difficult to predict the weather 4-8 weeks in advance but it starts to cool down from the end of March beginning of April so one thing I do know is that it will be considerably cooler by the time you get here in May.

Not sure about flights / boats to Madagascar, i'll asked about. :wink)
Maybe someone here on the forum might know a little more about this?

moris explorater
moris explorater
Beiträge: 26
Bilder: 51
Registriert: Sa Jul 17, 2004 15:37
Wohnort: Grand Gaube

Beitragvon rudmain » Mo Mär 07, 2005 11:42

Hello :)

Thanx for reply.
Which month for travel is in your opinion the best? My friends and me would like to travel around island in april/mai. We would to visit interesting places, relics etc and nature ofcourse too:)

I know that weather is very unpredictable ;) For me if weather starts to cool down - isnt a problem. Problem will be if it will be raining brrr too :(
My question wasn't exact. It must sounds: What's about raining in Mai :)

Are a lot of tourists in Mai?

I found flight to Madagascar (Air Mauritius). Hmmm this is more expensiv in compare with flight to Johannesburg (from Mauritius too) ! Hmm

I'm looking for possiblity to get there by boats still...

Greetings from poland (for everyone)

Michal `Rudmain`
Beiträge: 2
Registriert: Mo Feb 28, 2005 0:21

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