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Weather in April-May

for our english speaking user.

Weather in April-May

Beitragvon claudiu9191 » Mi Apr 16, 2008 15:58

I am going to Mauritius in the last days of April and I'm staying until 5 May. I was wondering how is the weather in these two months?
It will be ok for swiming & co in the ocean?Will it be a lot of rain?
I hope that some of you could answer these question.

Best Regards,
Claudiu :-)

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Beitragvon Gerard » Mi Apr 16, 2008 16:29

Hi Claudiu,
If you check the reply to the previous post you will find a couple of links for weather forecasts for that period on the island. The weather sould be perfect at this time of the year as the hurricane season is now over.
Have a nice time in beautiful Mauritius,
Gerard :cool:

Ps: below is also a link to a 7 day forecast for the island, you could have a print out from that site the day before you leave. ... +Mauritius
Keep smiling and the world will smile back :)
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servi souvent moris forum
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Beitragvon Kathy » Mi Apr 16, 2008 18:57

Weather in that period is general good, no more sticky and humid with cooler evenings and nights. Can be windy though depending on where exactly you will stay.
Best are the West coast and the Nordwest coast, since less exposed.
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spécialist moris
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Beitragvon claudiu9191 » Mi Apr 16, 2008 21:27

But it will be warm enough to have a bath in the ocean, pool etc right?
Becouse the websites give me diferent temperatures.
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Registriert: Mi Apr 16, 2008 15:53

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