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Voluntary work

for our english speaking user.

Voluntary work

Beitragvon Bianca Ostermann » Mi Mai 11, 2005 22:21

Hello all!

I am a german Studend and would like to spend three Month on Mauritius, when I finished my exames.

Which is why I am searching for voluntary work on Mauritius. Do somebody know an Organisation, for example environmental work?

Greetings Bianca

Bianca Ostermann
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Registriert: Fr Apr 29, 2005 19:44

Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon ZahoOL » Do Mai 26, 2005 15:14

The Mauritian Wildlife Appeal Fund was established principally to raise and administer funds for the conservation, protection and husbandry of the native wildlife of Mauritius. The conservation work in Mauritius began as a species orientated programme concentrating on a few critically endangered species, amongst the most well known the Mauritius Kestrel and the Pink Pigeon.

Check this link
moris explorater
moris explorater
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Registriert: Do Mai 26, 2005 14:53

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