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Visa Address

for our english speaking user.

Visa Address

Beitragvon KingMichael » So Apr 13, 2014 18:46


I will start studying in Mauritius the coming August.
For my Visa I need to send a temporary address, since nobody will already reserve a long-term apartment to me.
Does anyone of you have family, or other contacts/address which I can use for my Visa Application?

I won't have to sleep at that place, I only need to have an address for the Visa Application, I will get a long-term rent appartment in June or July.
They expect me to send the documents this month.

Please let me know if you have something.

Kind regards,
Michiel de Koning
The Netherlands

Beiträge: 3
Registriert: So Apr 13, 2014 18:40

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