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A tribute to Krish Gooranah

for our english speaking user.

A tribute to Krish Gooranah

Beitragvon ud » Di Jan 18, 2011 13:48

I'm writing a tribute to a dear friend of mine who died tragically in a car accident last week.

Dear Krish, wherever you are, I wish to make you realise how you are being missed by everyone; family, friends and fellow mauritians also studying and working in UK.

You have left us so early. Sometimes life can be unfair and tragic. Words are not enough to express the grief and sorrow that ran through me when I heard of the accident a week after it happened. I don't blame the media for focussing on the other tragic events which had befallen on the country during that week of hell. I was only told through my parents who read one of the local newspapers. They did not deem right to tell me about it right the very next day it happened because of my depression, poor mental health issues and my constant struggle against unlucky events that have happened since 2010 and ongoing.

I am not a religious person but you will remain deep in my thoughts and so will be the moments we shared together as kids. We were neighbours when we were staying over at St-Pierre and very good friends all the same. When it became time to move from the village life to the town life, it was coincidence that made us choose the same town of Rose-Hill. I never saw you for 10 years and having seen your picture on the newspaper just reminded me how you hadn't changed at all. You look so like your father. I had the opportunity to meet him so many times at the market during weekends and always asked how you fared. It was also a a surprising coincidence when I was told that you were based in Cumbria. We were both based in the North of England but never managed to stay in touch during that time.

My parents attended your funeral and it was not easy on them. It made them realise the harsh reality of life and how things can happen unfairly and when you least expect it. I intend to visit your parents when I get the chance to return back to Mauritius, health and work permitting to provide them with my share of much needed moral support during those difficult times. Being an only child, I can imagine what your younger brother must be going to; a bright lad whose future is put on hold abruptly by what has happened. I wish him all the courage and hope he will get all the support from fellow mauritians currently studying at London to help him go through these terrible times. Life does go on but you will always be missed Krish. My parents are really really worried about my driving now and always giving me advice on how to be careful in those treacherous weather conditions. I don't listen to them with intent but can only assure them that I will do so safely. What happened to you was not your fault. You were just driving. It was the wrong time, it was the wrong weather conditions, it was the wrong non-gritted road, it was the wrong bend, it just happened to be a tree in your way when you skidded off the road. All these were not your fault. It angers me that your destiny was for your life to end this way. It angers me that life is unfair and that genuine/honest and nice people suffer in life. It angers me that bad things happen to good people. What angers me more is that I lost contact with you during those 10 years and did not know how you fared.

I hope that these words reach you wherever you are, my dear lost friend. I shall miss you. These terrible times have strengthened the bond between many families and made them realise how we need to cherish what we have dearly. Even the inhabitants of the village/town you were living in described you as a bright soul always caring and jovial to people.

Rest in Peace "Bébé",

I will always keep you in my mind.

Your old School friend


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moris forum membre a'élite
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