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Travel in July?

for our english speaking user.

Travel in July?

Postby besa » Wed Feb 08, 2006 20:09

Hi, we're looking to send my parents on a surprise holiday to Merville Beach Hotel mid-July. That's the only time that we can get them over there. How good/bad is the weather then? I've been once before with my husband in December 2002 and absolutely loved it.

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Info Mauritius Annonce

Postby peterdevries » Tue Feb 21, 2006 16:18

Hi Besa,

me and my girlfriend were in Mauritius two years ago in mid-july.

The weather depends largely on where you stay. We were in Flic en Flac, where it was supposed to be the dryest. I don't know if our stay was representative to normal weather in July, but here is it in short..

From sun-up till about 11:00 in the morning, the weather was really good, with an occasional cloud. From then on the clouds started coming until there was a complete overcast without sun. Around three or four in the afternoon it started to rain lightly, but enough to stay in the hotelroom. This was the same every day, so we got up immediately at sun-up and spend the time on the beach until the clouds started coming. We flew back home a week early, because we were not satisfied with the weather. We were wrongly advised by the travelling agency, who refunded us 80% of the cost, since we had it documented in emails.

All in all, we liked our stay, but were looking for lots of sun., which we didn't get. The weather reports on the net are mostly based on plaisance which is the airport, where it rains the most, so don't let this fool you. On this site there are good tables with the climate in each of the parts of the island. I'm beginning to get the impression that during the mauritius summer rain falls mostly during the night, whereas in the winter it falls more during the day. I tend to rely more on people telling me how the weather is than on tables.

Good luck and best regards,

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Postby besa » Tue Feb 21, 2006 16:45

Thanks Peter, that's just the kind of info I needed. We managed to cancel the July booking and are looking at late September/early October now as that has just come up as a possible alternative. All we can do is pray that the sun will be out in full force!!!! Thanks again, much appreciated
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Re: Travel in July?

Postby flyanywhere » Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:19

This is the great Idea, to get your parents on any tour on the weekend, there are so many offers offered the traveling companies to promote the tourism, that they can enjoy their life at the age on peak.
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Re: Travel in July?

Postby leftright » Fri Dec 17, 2010 9:18

For some weather info go here, nice site.
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moris explorater
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Re: Travel in July?

Postby sExpedition » Fri Jan 07, 2011 15:45

Mauritius is a nice place to visit. It is a tourist’s delight. Its lovely beaches and fine weather can be very attractive and alluring. Although, except for the summers, the weather there is generally very good; but the winter season is the best time to visit.
Every tourist would like the maximum mileage of the money he or she spends on the trip. Weather is, of course, very important. One must enjoy the cool breeze of the palm trees on the beaches and enjoy a walk or two on the shores of these beaches.

Month of July in Mauritius
The weather in the month of July in Mauritius is extremely good. It is enjoyable for tourists. This is the beginning of the “winter season” there. Unlike the dry summer it is very cool. One experiences the cool breeze of the palm tree and naturally it is easy for tourists to wander around the place and visit the beaches.

The daytime weather in the month of July is not sticky but balmy. It is very soothing. There is less rain as well as humidity. The sun is not very hot during this season. Actually, from July to September is the best season to visit Mauritius. In fact, July is the coldest month. The midday temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius in the coastal area. There are possibilities of sporadic showers. In the evening hours, one may want to put on a warm wrap. The East coast faces a lot of weather problem as the strong winds blow and it may cause the weather to be too cool. North as well as West is fine. South is, of course, a bit breezy.

One must visit Mauritius during the “winter season”. July is a good month indeed. Pack your bags and make a trip to the alluring Mauritius’ beaches.

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encor Basic
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