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Tourist visas, re-entry and a few other q's

for our english speaking user.

Tourist visas, re-entry and a few other q's

Beitragvon Perpetual_Traveller » Do Apr 17, 2008 6:02


I am planning on spending 2-3 months per year in Mauritius if possible. Certaingly 2-3 months in the first instance, hopefully around July/August 2008.

I did find the government website ( fairly useful in answering some of my questions, but hopefully others with experience may be able to help me?

Does the government permit multiple entries for tourists? Say I was to spend 2-3 months in the Republic every year, would that be allowed?

Cost of renting on a monthly basis: it seems really hard to figure this one out. This forum has some very good information and I've googled too, can anyone comment on these numbers (am I way off, or just about right?)

Monthly rent on modern(ish) 1 bed apartment within walking distance (or short bus ride) of the beach approx 10,000 MR/month.

General cost of living (eating out etc) approx the same (10K/month).

Finally, a question about Wimax. I've read the island has 98% coverage. Do any forum members connect via Wimax? Do I need any kind of laptop conversion to connect whilst there? (I use regular wifi).

Thanks in advance if anyone can help, and I look forward to contributing here.

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Registriert: Do Apr 17, 2008 5:42
Wohnort: Buenos Aires

Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon Anupamkushwah » Di Jun 17, 2008 17:50

Hey Man,

I am Anupam from India... I am planning to Visit Mauritius on 27th may.
I am visit mauritius first time in my life.... I dont have any idea which would the best place to visit.
R u in mauritius now days???
Could you help me to know the best place or any idea about hotels and all.
I am a party animal so please tell me about good clubs .
if u could help me to know about hotel and best palce in mauritius mail me at

encor Basic
encor Basic
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Registriert: Di Jun 17, 2008 15:32
Wohnort: Delhi

Beitragvon ud » Mi Jun 18, 2008 23:57

Hi Anupamkushwah

We do understand ure eager and joy at the idea of coming to Mauritius but I think we've got ure point. No need to copy and paste you're post in all topics.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thanks for ure understanding.

moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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Registriert: Di Nov 07, 2006 14:26
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