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The true story about the weather - anyone interested?

for our english speaking user.

The true story about the weather - anyone interested?

Beitragvon jess » Mo Sep 12, 2005 15:51


I have just returned from my vacation in Mauritius where I stayed from 29th August until 9th September. I stayed at Le Paradis Resort (Le Morne). Here is some info about the weather:

* Between 9-18 the sun shines and when there is no clouds it is very warm. You can absolutely get sunburned.
* You should expect some clouds and perhaps rain during the day, but they disappear very quickly.
* The sea water is a bit cold, but when you "get under" you can stay in for as long as you like. I spend a lot of time in the water :lol:
* In the centre of the island it rains a lot - bring an umbrella.
* In the evening I was surprised about how cold it actually gets. I had a light jacket on each night.

The Resort: Le Paradis is FANTASTIC!!! World class. :-)


encor Basic
encor Basic
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Beitragvon Jessy » Mo Sep 12, 2005 21:47

hi jess,
here is Jessy,
nice to hear such posivitive things.
We also stayed 2 times at Le Morne area (but not in Le s Paradis, we stayed at Les Pavillons).
But we know some very good friends at Le Paradis....
from waterski.....
Do you also go waterskiing......????
Do you know the Boatscrew from the boat "LEGENDS" ????????

Where are you from ???????

Regards Jessy from Mainz (Germany)
Mauritius macht süchtig..........
content sa forum la
content sa forum la
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Beitragvon PeterKarbusicky » Mi Sep 28, 2005 0:23

Hi !

We stayed in Mauritius from 18th August to 1st Sept on Belle Mare Plage at the East Coast.

Seems like you had the same wheather as we had :
Sun - shining most of the time, but we also had rain nearly every day.
But usually the rain only stays for a very short time, sometimes even just a few minutes and then the sun shines again.
encor Basic
encor Basic
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