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The problems of ageing population

for our english speaking user.

The problems of ageing population

Beitragvon Klaus » Do Okt 16, 2003 1:07

It is estimated that the population of old people will increase by more than 5 times in the next 25 years in Africa. It will pass from 38 million in 1999 to some 212 million in 2025.

In Mauritius, the population of over 60 years, estimated at 102 000 in 1999, will cross the 332 000 limit in 2039. The Mauritian government is currently preparing a master plan on this phenomenon which is bound to affect the economic and social avenues of the island in the years to come.

I think these are the same problems like in Europe….?


Mon kontan avek Mauriz
spécialist moris
spécialist moris
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'Problem' of aging population

Beitragvon Michael » Do Okt 16, 2003 12:33


Well - Klaus - it is the same development as you will find in Europe, but it is not hte problem. The problem is to define the aging of people as a problem. I do not agree to this way of view. We do everything what we can to enable us a longer life and I guess we all would like to live and enjoy life as long as possible. So we cannot afterwards complain if this is the case.

The problem is how we define young and old and how we force people in pre-defined roles. With extended life time the definition of old has to be changed as well, in consequence retirement has to come later. But the whole society is not prepared. We insist to be ready for retirement with 60 or 65 latest and we expect to enjoy our retirement for a long period. Obviously this cannot be financed, by no society and no social security system as it is existing actually. We will need a floating system, where it is possible to retire with 60 or even earlier if there is a reason or if you have the financial means to do that. As it is now you may retire in the age of 30 if you are able to finance that - but you cannot expect to do so receiving a pension payed by the social security. Same should be for a person of 60,70 or 80 if he/she is still in perfect health condition and able to work. The whole system needs to be reformed and it will be a bad mistake for Mauritius to follow now the european sample and to step into a system which is unpayable at the end.

Of course it requires a change in all levels of society. It's unacceptable that finding a job after you crossed 50 even if you are in perfect health is more or less impossible.

It will not be easy to establish this change worldwide in the head of the responsible persons.
spécialist moris
spécialist moris
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Beitragvon joana » Do Okt 16, 2003 15:37

It's unacceptable that finding a job after you crossed 50 even if you are in perfect health is more or less impossible.

50 is bad, 40 is worst (and unfortunately closer to the truth...)
Site Admin
Site Admin
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