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Sun & Hot ???

for our english speaking user.

Sun & Hot ???

Beitragvon kalis » Di Feb 19, 2008 12:33

We are planning to be in Mauritius from 21FEB for about 2weeks with my wife and our 1 year old daughter.
Can someone comment on what is actually weather in the northern regions ? We are getting confusing info from internet, but if someone is on-line in Mauritius - I would appreciate some comments.
We were expecting blasting sun calm waters...;-)
Cheers and thanks for help.
Kali & Co.

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Registriert: Di Feb 19, 2008 0:55

Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon thermo » Di Feb 19, 2008 13:14

I was there up to the 16th of Feb, there was a tropical storm several thousand KM away which was bringing in periodic strong winds and rain. Some days started off sunny and then it rained in the afternoon, on other days it rained periodically. You might find it has all cleared up by the time you get there, but this is summer, so you are bound to have some rain now and again. Luckily for you the North is one of the drier parts of the island. Don't worry too much about the weather, even with rain, you can still have a good time, but don't venture too far out into the sea if there are strong winds and currents.
moris explorater
moris explorater
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Sun & Hot ???

Beitragvon kalis » Di Feb 19, 2008 15:43

Thanks for quick message and reply. We see that it is quite hot anyway, but also are a bit sorry that sky seems to be cloudy + rain...I know it is normal for the season.
Hopefully we will get some sun-tan..;-)
Cheers and Thanks again.
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Registriert: Di Feb 19, 2008 0:55

Weather in february

Beitragvon Gerard » Di Feb 19, 2008 17:24

January until march is the hurricane season when the weather can be blustery and rainy! it however depends if there is a cyclone or low pressure area in the proximity of the island, otherwise the weather should be hot and sunny.
Here is a link for the forecasts for the next 7 days.
Have a nice time in Mauritius,
Gerard :cool: ... =Plaisance ... ery=Vacoas
Keep smiling and the world will smile back :)
Twitter id: Morisien06
servi souvent moris forum
servi souvent moris forum
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