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Spoon des Iles - Saint Geran

for our english speaking user.

Spoon des Iles - Saint Geran

Beitragvon justin » Di Feb 24, 2004 14:16

Has anyone eaten at this restaurant ? My wife and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary next month and would like to spend it at a good restaurant on the island - any othe suggestions ?


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Registriert: Di Feb 24, 2004 14:13
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Beitragvon joana » Di Mär 02, 2004 16:06

Hi Justin,

The restaurant 'Spoon des Iles' is located in Hotel Le St Geran.
It's french cuisine. The food is art, the atmosphere is great (if you like that style..). And the prices are as high as you can imagine...

Alternative high class restaurants:
- Le Pescatore in Trou aux Biches
- different restaurants in Domaine Les Pailles (close to Port Louis)

best regards,

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