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        : Buy Mauritian Cd , VCD and DVD online

for our english speaking user. : Buy Mauritian Cd , VCD and DVD online

Postby ZahoOL » Sun Sep 04, 2005 19:22

Image Mauritian Sega Online Shop

Here is the list of arrivals for today. Some are already available for sale, others will be made available over the next few days.

Voici la liste des albums que nous avons reçus aujourd'hui. Certains CDs sont deja disponibles sur notre site. D'autres seront en vente dans les jours a venir.

Jean-Claude Gaspard - 40 ans de Carriere
Nancy - Best of Nancy
Alain Ramanisum - Fiesta Ravanna
Cassiya - Cassiya Neuf
Michel Legris - Dalma Dalma
Grup Latanier - Lapel Lorizon
Jean-Claude Gaspard - Arc en Ciel
Mario Armel - Fam ki sa la vie la
Snyper - Reconnaitre mo lil
Black Faya - La Vie Konplet
Babale - Best of Babale
Roger Clency - Roule Clency
Ton Vye - Peros Vert
Ton Vye - Prisonnier de la Rue
Natir Chamarel - Nou natir sa
T-East - Dan mo Rev
Ras Mayul - A Nou viv
Mighty Jah - Sanz Twa
Claude La foudre - Dieu ti Kre l'Homme
Steve Augustin - Camarad Camaron
Steve Augustin - Pik Nou Sega
La Legende du Seggae - Best of Seggae
Reggae & co - Lever nu kryer
Le Vivalmi Group - Move Yourself
Sandra Mayotte - Parenthese
Claudio - Mo Kawal
Zul ramiah - Sirandan
Various Artists - La Vibe
Dany Drack & le groupe Ravanna - Toi ki
Jean Marc Volcy - Bon Bon Bon
Cololo le Maitre - Hommage a Kaya
La Vi Cool - Frotti Frotta
Nu Nas Kool - Souye to lizier
Dario Lascie - Ros Bwa little Jamaica
Dalon - Cendrillon
Tian - Seggae Kontinye
Natty jah - Sitole
Blakkayo - Tcheck to life
Kaya - Seggae Experience
Zotsa - Overdoz
Zotsa - Kan tambour Bater
Sandra Mayotte - Samedi Sawale
SBRZ - Nu em sa
Puissance Sega - Les Tubes de lete
OSB - Revey twa
Grup leve ti west de bambous - Sega Tipik
Roger Clency & Marcelino Chaton - 2 dan 1
Alain Ramanisum - Prisonnier
Grup Latanier - Souvenir ene lot sezon

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moris explorater
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Off Topic

Postby Tropo » Sat Feb 25, 2006 10:13

Sorry Guys

Just one question.... I thought that HTML was not activated on this Forum..

So.. Is it..? OR Not allowed..?

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mauritian cd and dvd

Postby Taryn » Thu Jun 28, 2007 17:35

Hello there,

can you please let me know where i can buy mauritian sega cd and dvd and dvd on maurittian comedy in the uk.

many thanks

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Postby stefan » Thu Jun 28, 2007 19:51

Tropo, where do you see html?
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Postby ZahoOL » Fri Jun 29, 2007 17:57 is offline and no longer in service.
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moris explorater
moris explorater
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Postby Gerard » Fri Jun 29, 2007 23:57

Hi Taryn,
Here is a site where you can buy cd's and dvd's featuring Mauritian artists: ... 43fbdcd254

I have personally bought sega and comedy cd's and dvd's from that site and the service is prompt and professional.

Gerard :cool:
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