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Sea Fishing

for our english speaking user.

Sea Fishing

Beitragvon Weatherfrom » Mi Nov 26, 2008 21:26

Sorry! I posted this on introduce yourself by mistake-Newbe!
Hi Guys.
I am lucky enough to be staying Bel ombre from Dec 13 with my son (14) and would like to do some big fishing. I can see its a bit of a regular Q but can anyone recommend the best method? I can book through the posh hotel but I would rather my foldies went to an honest local than to an hotel group.
Are the hotels a rip off? or am I likely to have probs with unknown (to me) local boats?
Any guidance appreciated.

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Registriert: Mi Nov 26, 2008 20:15
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Beitragvon kantor » Fr Nov 28, 2008 19:18

Deep Sea Fishing is very expensive, even when booked outside the hotel. I've seen prices of 15000-18000 Rs for one day advertised on the street.
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content partagé
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Beitragvon Marco Polo » Sa Nov 29, 2008 14:59

I've seen prices of $800 per boat full day in Grand Baie.
Liebe Grüße Marco Polo
Marco Polo
moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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