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School admission (Pre Primary)

for our english speaking user.

School admission (Pre Primary)

Beitragvon Banker » Mi Nov 18, 2009 23:51

Hi, Can people here advise me on the schooling for my kid. I am aware that schools such as IPS, Clavis and Alexandra House are good. But what about schools such Step Ahead Pre Primary, Cavendish, Hamptons etc. How do these fare on standard of education. As an expat, can i expect my child to benefit from studying in these schools.

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Beitragvon Devora » Fr Nov 20, 2009 9:57

Hi Banker!

If I had money (50 000Rs -- 35 000Rs Registration fee + 6500 Rs Monthly fee + Study materials) I would without doubt enroll my kids at Step Ahead School. According to my research this school is the best for expat.

Hamptons is a good alternative and less expensive.
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