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Residence Permit: doubts and news

for our english speaking user.

Re: Residence Permit: doubts and news

Beitragvon Yuma » Mi Apr 06, 2011 18:38

No news at all?? [help]

If I want to set up a business I should be hanging by a 3 years permit and then another 3 years permit and so on? [nea]

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Re: Residence Permit: doubts and news

Beitragvon vinayb » Fr Nov 18, 2011 13:49

Hi ,
I had few question regarding the Residence Permit for Mauritius. I would really appreciate your help.
1. I am married to a Mauritiuan. So, My wife holds the full citizenship of Mauritius. We got married in UK. Now I want to apply for residence permit for Mauritius and I am Indian citizen.
2. How can I do that and would I be able to work or take up employment there?

I really look forward for your help.
Thanking You,

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Re: Residence Permit: doubts and news

Beitragvon Joe » Fr Nov 18, 2011 16:55

Hi Vinay,

you have to apply at the Immigration in Port Louis for a spouse permit. This can take between 3 and 8 months.
You can travel to Mauritius with a copy of your wifes mauritian passport and the marriage certificate (Aposstille needed !)
Better travel together with your wife. If you are allowed to work before you have got the spouse permit is a question the immigration should answer.

All the Best
Gruss, Joe
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Re: Residence Permit: doubts and news

Beitragvon reeshna » Fr Sep 16, 2016 16:23

Am a mauritian married an Indian it has been Almost 10 yrs he got his nationality now he wants his father to get a resident permit as he is alone in India ... is it possible???? What should we provide as documents ??????? I will very thankful to you if you can help me
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