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Relocating to Mauritius with Long Term Illness

for our english speaking user.

Relocating to Mauritius with Long Term Illness

Beitragvon JerryT » Di Mär 27, 2012 16:28

Hi all,

I'm Jerry, this is my first post... I'm hoping someone here has been in, or knows of someone who has been in a similar situation to me or can offer any advise.

I've just interviewed for a job with a South African company based in Mauritius and if successful, it will see me relocating full time to Mauritius. Anyways, I hope it's okay, but I've got a few queries/requests for advise, so I'll give some more information on the whole situation...

The interview seemed to go really well, but when I mentioned that I had Epilepsy, there seemed to be some concerns which I understand was down to possible issues with the company's ability to insure me.

I spoke to my recruitment consultant who has confirmed that they were happy with my interview and it seems would be happy to employ me but as I presumed, they had some concerns about my Epilepsy and their insurance...I gave some backround info and reassured them that my Epilepsy is well controlled and wouldn't affect my ability to do my job. I explained that I had two seizures last year brought on by a bad bout of flu (I couldnt keep my meds down for almost a week and had very little sleep). I hadn't had any seizures for almost four years prior to this but surrendered my licence in the UK at the time (which I will be getting back soon) and all has been fine since...

When he got in touch next, he explained that they wanted to offer me the job, but will require me to liaise with their health consultants with a view to undergoing a medical here in London to make sure there won't be any issues getting me on the company's insurance.

I'm in the process of arranging the medical in London at the moment, so my questions are:

Firstly: Has anyone had any issues with a long term ilness when relocating and if so have any idea what will this medical consist of and is it likely to cause issue with their insurance based on my current medical status?

Secondly: If everything progresses okay with regards to the medical and their insurance and if I make the move; where do I stand on my arrival? Am I entitled to free meds in Mauritius as is the case in most developed countries and are there any other issues I need to be aware of?

Apologies if this post is a little long whinded and I appreciate there may be lot to comment on but any input, advise or answers to my questions will be greatly appreciated as this, as you can appreciate is a very big step.

Cheers for any help...


Beiträge: 1
Registriert: Di Mär 27, 2012 16:11

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