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Question regarding hotel amenitites

for our english speaking user.

Question regarding hotel amenitites

Postby pr » Tue Dec 02, 2003 3:38

In the bungalow section, I'm a little confused as to the hotel amenities offered
and I was hoping one of the forum readers may be able to clarify.
In the listing, it says that the rooms have in-room shower.
But then it will say
Toilette separately: Yes.
Does this mean that the facilities are in the room or down the hall?
Another question I have is this:
It says
Room (bb; with fan)
Room (bb; with A/C)
Just out of curosity, what is a bb?
And my third question, are all of the hotels listed on this web site near Grand Baie?
(within easy busing distance. The friend who I'm traveling with has family living there)
Thank you in advance.

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Info Mauritius Annonce

Postby joana » Tue Dec 02, 2003 10:36

Hello pr and :welcome) ,

let me try to clear your confusion a little:

in-room shower means that every unit (studio/apartment) has his own bathroom with shower, not to be shared with other guests.
if it's mentioned toilet seperatly, you will find the toilet not in the bathroom but in a seperate 'room' (but still within the studio/apartment).

bb means only: bed and breakfast; so no lunch, dinner, drinks and others included.

our apartments are located in two different areas: Flic en Flac (west coast, quiet far from Grand Baie) or the north (Mont Choisy, Grand Baie, Perybere), all only few minutes distance from each other.

Hope things are clearer now. If not, do not hsitate to ask again.

Best regards,
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