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question about moving to Mauritius

for our english speaking user.

Beitragvon Barefoot » Fr Feb 27, 2009 9:08

Gerard hat geschrieben:Hi Ud,
Hi my friend, I totally concur with your last post on this matter, it appears that leaving_Mauritius has an agenda ....which is quite mercenary really .....he wants to make money at the detriment of the Mauritian authorities and the good people living on the island......a couple of isolated negative experiences does not mean that the island is corrupt to the core......I repeat that we are a developing country but we are doing very well compared to other African countries....obviously we are not at par with the Uk , France and other well developed countries and I do think that Leaving_ Mauritius expects the same standards as in europe!!!
He went there with an attitude that he should have everything he wants and maybe he has a superiority complex...expecting the "natives" to bow in front of him and grant him all his wishes....meritocracy is progressing in leaps and bounds on our island.....human rights is up to international standards and is probably the best in the whole of Africa.....our economy is thriving despite a world recession.....we are not perfect.....but we are trying hard however and specially working very hard to achieve success at a global level....
Leaving_Mauritius wants to make money by making erroneous comments about Mauritian society and about his negative experiences on the island. I wish him good luck in his endeavours.....he must have had a bumper sale of his e-book already!!! I somewhat doubt it!!!!!, maybe he should put an end to his unhappy life on the island and now go back to his country of birth and leave us alone.....The good people of Mauritius do not want the likes of him and his vitriolic remarks in our i mentioned before I have quite a few ex-patriate friends who are happily settled on our island and they love their new way of life.
I will not post any further comments on this topic as I would just be playing in the hands of Leaving_Mauritius.....lets hope that he leaves our beautiful island as soon as possible and stops trying to make money at our expense.....maybe he should go and settle in Zimbabwe......
Gerard :cool:

Mauritians really get offended easily hey. Now imagine dealing with someone like the person who wrote this above if you complain about poor service in a store. Lets say the salesperson screamed at you because you were wasting their time and not making up your mind quickly enough about which chair you wanted to buy and they wanted to go on lunch.

You complain to the manager, someone just like this writer, and the response above is what you get. 'You foreigners expecting good service? Go home to your own country'. It's happened so many times to expats in Mauritius. We are insulted every day and told to 'go home if you don't like it'.

Interesting how it's a common way of reacting to a perceived offense to a local Mauritian. I think, rather than the insults you intended towards Leaving Mauritius, you just proved him right.

:roll: :roll:

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Registriert: Mi Feb 25, 2009 11:43

Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon Gerard » Fr Feb 27, 2009 13:17

Hi Barefoot,
Please refer to the answer and explanations I gave in my previous post...I have no animosity towards the diverse expatriate community in Mauritius....on the contrary, I do think that they enrich our culture and way of life...I am however very patriotic and I do resent strongly that some people whom we have welcomed with open arms now openly criticise our community and way of life.....if you really want to understand the Mauritian mentality, please delve in the history of our recent colonial past and you will find the way things were when we were nothing more than mere "servants" in the hands of our so called "masters"....this memory lingers on in the older generation.....however, despite the memory of this difficult time in our history, we do not bear any grudges and our warm welcome to all visitors is well known worldwide...
As I said before this debate is closed as far as I am concerned....
I do apologise if I have offended some people by being so frank with my views.
No hard feelings,
Best regards ,
Gerard :cool:
Keep smiling and the world will smile back :)
Twitter id: Morisien06
servi souvent moris forum
servi souvent moris forum
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Beitragvon thermo » Sa Feb 28, 2009 3:22

It is interesting to see what this thread has developed into!

Well, I got curious and bought the e-book and read it.
To summarise it:
• The good: The book is an enjoyable read, containing a lot I already know about Mauritius, and a lot I don't. It would definetely be useful to someone thinking of moving to Mauritius.
• The bad: Somewhat expensive/poor value for $25. I would be interested in reading the next part(s), but not for another $25 a pop.

Now back to this thread. It seems some people are overprotective of Mauritius. Mauritius _IS_ a great tourist destination, but there is no way in hell I could honestly advise someone to go live and work there knowing what I already know of the place. 'leaving_mauritius', irrespective of what you think of him, is actually doing some people a favour (at a price) by informing them what to expect of Mauritius as a foreigner settling there, it isn't all paradise and sandy beaches, we all know that, and the issues he has raised in his posts are uncomfortable facts, not one of you here can deny that.

Edited to add:
I personally think the fad of going to live/work abroad, funded by selling your house to some greater fool in your native country is going to come to an end. The days of cheap credit are behind us, and even tourism will likely suffer. It's not going to be 'happy days' for a lot of countries which relied on immigration/tourism/land price inflation for their booms.
moris explorater
moris explorater
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Beitragvon locallady » Sa Feb 28, 2009 14:17

I have to speak as I find -in all my years living here in Mauritius I have never received any such insults from the local people. I have almost always found them to be courteous and friendly -Yes almost as in any issue there are the odd occasions when perhaps the service I have received is not on a par with what I expect but in general there have been few problems.I guess it all boils down to how one approaches the local populace -I have learnt Creole which has endeared me to many and I have never used my ex pat status to try and obtain any favours.
moris explorater
moris explorater
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Re: Job in Mauritius

Beitragvon terence » So Mär 01, 2009 14:05

Thanks, I will send you an e-mail requesting for your guidence

maddy hat geschrieben:Hi Terrence,reading your text I feel the urge to write you some words.
I am a mauritian livng at the moment in German.Is looking forwards to return in my country.So I have a relocation agency in mauritius helping people to relocate and to set their business in Mauritius.If you want to set a firm or a Travel agency you can contact me under for more information.
Best regards
moris explorater
moris explorater
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Beitragvon blueworld » Sa Mär 21, 2009 5:23

Dear leaving_mauritius I'm terrified from your ethics!
ok, you're a journalist and you want to sell your book...
but is this the way you normally earn a living? I mean, as you moved away so many times, did you wrote 11 books?

If not... and therein lies the rub... as you said that you want to open even only one person's eyes... So your willing is to help, isn't it?
I'm sure that you'll understand me if I say: earn with your (everyday) work and act not as a worker but as a human being out of your work

the worste insult and vilification I've read is just when you wrote that the time in mru taught you the lesson: you do not want to do things/help people for nothing!
and I warn you that you've probably lost any pure kindness and real love for people
and I think you're scraping some dollars together

and this is only -but IS- my opinion
...and you'll respect it for sure

my last consideration is for all the readers:
mr. leaving_mauritius knows well that is very "intresting" (and gainful) buzzing about something that everyone consider valuable
and swimming against the tide is the way

All the best!
encor Basic
encor Basic
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