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price of some goods & Taxi Drivers & Transfer to I.A

for our english speaking user.

price of some goods & Taxi Drivers & Transfer to I.A

Beitragvon koala00 » Di Apr 29, 2008 21:07


I'll go to mauritius in April next year for my honeymoon.
First of all, I want to say: thank you for this great forum!!!

:-) Then.......I'd like to know the approximate price of some products so to have an idea of the prices (you can tell me approximately between ...Rs and ....Rs) ok? I know it depends... but...more or less?

- 1 bottle of water 1 litre:
- a meal in a not very expensive restaurant:
- a T-shirt:
- 1 kg of tomatoes:
- a cup of coffee in a bar:
- half a dozen eggs:

:-) Second: where can I find a taxi driver? Do you know anyone? Excursions from the hotel are a bit expensive for us! And we'd like to take a taxi to move around the island during our stay. Any web page? any suggestions? price of taxis???

:-) Finally, to go to Ile Aux Cerfs, which options of transfers are there? boat / catamaran.....from the east coast right? but I don't know where exactly they depart from and how much is it. Can you help me?

Thank you very very much! :ploppop

encor Basic
encor Basic
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Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon ud » Mi Apr 30, 2008 21:19

Hola koala00,

Glad you've chosen Mauritius for your honeymoon!

- 1 bottle of water 1 litre: Rs15-20 for local makes
international waterspring makes e.t.c (up to Rs50)

- a meal in an affordable restaurant - Rs250-400 per person whole meal including entry and dessert

- a T-shirt simple from Rs100
designer (polo, lacoste e.t.c Rs800-2000)

- 1 kg of tomatoes: depending on climatic severity e.g if it's after heavy rains usually costs more than Rs100/Kg
or in normal conditions 50-70Rs/Kg - Somebody correct me if I'm wrong

- cup of coffee in a bar - Expresso, Alfredo, Cappucino e.t.c Rs30-100
more than 200Rs in some posh places

- half a dozen of eggs - Rs30 (A class)

2/ Plenty of taxis around, some people on this forum have developed strong ties with people and their names sometimes get passed on to other tourists by people on this forum:

Anne who is a veteran of this forum knows some taxis and others might tell you when they read this post of mine!

3/ Mostly boats! Catamarans are private or are on arranged cruise. You have to take boat from Trou D'eau Douce if I recall properly. It's on a 30 mins rota. It takes 15 minutes to reach there. I can't remember the costs...sorry but it should be around Rs100? Food on the island is SO expensive!!!

Hope this helps.

Don't worry yourself too much as there's still plenty of time to go!

Best Regards

moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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Wohnort: England

Beitragvon koala00 » Do Mai 01, 2008 12:32

Thank you very much for your answer, now I have a clear idea...
encor Basic
encor Basic
Beiträge: 7
Registriert: Di Okt 09, 2007 12:29

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