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Population estimates, 1st July 2003

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Population estimates, 1st July 2003

Beitragvon stefan » Do Okt 30, 2003 12:22

As at 1st July 2003, the population of the Republic of Mauritius was estimated at 1,223,074 of whom 605,251 were males and 617,823 females, giving a sex ratio of 98.0 males per 100 females. Given a population of 1,210,485 at mid-2002, the population growth during the period July 2002 to June 2003 is estimated at around 1.0%. The population of the Island of Mauritius grew at a rate of 1.0%, rising from 1,174,021 (581,332 males and 592,689 females) in mid-2002 to 1,186,342 (587,010 males and 599,332 females) in mid-2003. Over the same period, the population of Rodrigues grew at a lower rate of 0.7% from 36,175 (17,925 males and 18,250 females) to 36,443 (18,048 males and 18,395 females). The population of the outer islands (Agalega and Saint Brandon) is estimated at 289 (193 males and 96 females).

The Republic of Mauritius, with a total land area of 2,040 square kilometres, had a population density of around 600 persons per square kilometre in mid-2003. The population densities of the Island of Mauritius and the Island of Rodrigues were 636 and 350 respectively.


source: Central Statistics Office

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