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Planning to move to Mauritius - few queries, please ...

for our english speaking user.

Planning to move to Mauritius - few queries, please ...

Postby SanjaySAgrawal » Tue Jan 31, 2006 17:42

Hi all,

I have gone through quite a few posts and threads on this forum, and the bonhomie here :ploppop encourages me to put up a few queries of my own. :mrgreen: So here goes:

1. I am exploring to move to Mauritius on a three-year work-cum-residence permit, under the SAPES scheme. The latest information that I have on SAPES is a 2002 circular - I wonder if there is a latest copy of this circular available somewhere on the web? Going by the points mentioned in this 2002 document, I seem to fit the bill. :PPP) Perhaps the latest version amends/supersedes this version?

2. Where do I apply for the SAPES scheme? The site - doesn't seem to have any online form for SAPES (unless i missed it! :roll: ). Also, what are the fees for applying? :cool:

3. How much time do they generally take to process and give a final verdict on an application under SAPES? A month? Two months? i:()


Cheers and tIa,


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