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Need advise on Mauritius Travel

for our english speaking user.

Need advise on Mauritius Travel

Beitragvon rajkan_19 » Mi Feb 04, 2009 16:17

Dear Friends,

I am planning to visit mauritius for a week starting feb 24, My initial clarifications say that it will be raining a lot. I am just confused if I need to make this trip as its my Honeymoon and dont want to spoil the trip. Is there any advise I can get on whether I can plan the travel?


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Registriert: Mi Feb 04, 2009 16:09

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Beitragvon ebba-lotta » Do Feb 05, 2009 22:11

just back from a lovely trip to mauritius. I had alsaw read that it would rain a lot in january but we did not see a lot of rain. Well we did but in a short time a lot of water from the sky and then sun again. One day it was moore but that was one day of 14. and it is supposed to rain moore in january than in feb.
Have a lovely trip to a lovely place.
ebba-lotta, sweden
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Registriert: So Nov 16, 2008 22:34

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