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Moving to Mauritius soon...

for our english speaking user.

Moving to Mauritius soon...

Beitragvon purplepixie » Fr Feb 22, 2008 17:41

Hi - I also posted this in the Introduce Yourself section - so sorry if you read this twice...

My family (husband, myself and 4 children), are going to be moving to Mauritius in the near future (not too sure of time frame).

I appreciate any and all advice and information...

Just wanted to say hi, and I am sure I will have more questions in time to come.

For now, just wanted to know what is the basic cost of living (we are just ordinary folk), middle income family, and are looking for basic cost of things, for instance what does a loaf of bread and a litre of milk cost (using these prices as a benchmark)...

We will want to live in walking distance to the beach, as we are a homeschooling family, so being close to beaches is a priority, although we do not want to be on the east of the island.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing all the wonderful advice soon! jump

encor Basic
encor Basic
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Re - Moving to Mauritius

Beitragvon Gerard » So Feb 24, 2008 14:50

Hi Purple Pixie,
This topic has been discussed and revisited on several occasions over the past year. If you check past posts on the english forum, you will find some valuable information. Flic en Flac is a rapidly developing area with properties to buy and rent. It has a fabulous beach and it is centrally situated wthin easy reach to the main towns and other centres.
Gerard :cool:
Keep smiling and the world will smile back :)
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servi souvent moris forum
servi souvent moris forum
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