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Moving to Mauritius next month

for our english speaking user.

Moving to Mauritius next month

Beitragvon GameOver » Fr Apr 24, 2009 17:21

Hello all!

I'll be joining you all soon on the beautiful Island!

The website is great and has been very useful, however I wasn't able to find answers to probably the 2 most important questions....

- Can one purchase English teabags there, or do I have to fill my suitcase with Tetleys?

- What is the local beer like? I'm coming from Germany but don't expect it to up to that standard!

The rest, I suoppose I can work out when I arrive.

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Registriert: Mi Apr 08, 2009 15:55

Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon Kathy » Fr Apr 24, 2009 17:28

Mauritius produces itself excellent teas. You can visit the Bois-Cheri factory and have tea in a wonderful colonian-style mansion there.
Vanilla tea is a specialty of the island.

Also, try the local beer Phoenix.
It's likely to be a lot less expensive compared to foreign beer brands.
**Mo kontan Moris**
spécialist moris
spécialist moris
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Beitragvon thermo » Fr Apr 24, 2009 21:06

The local tea is nice, but generally weaker than UK brands, so you'll be advised to start making tea with a traditional teapot (loaded with more tea leaves), than using the tea bags you can buy there.
The local beer is 'good', similar to a reasonable pils in Germany. There are other choices you should try, such as the local rums. Plenty of choice, I actually quite like Blue Bay rum from Medine distilleries with mango juice and ice.
moris explorater
moris explorater
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