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mosquitos in sept-oct

for our english speaking user.

mosquitos in sept-oct

Postby Huskatt » Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:55

We are going to Mauritius in late september to mid of october
do we need to worry about being bited by mosquitos
I´ve read that you don´t have to worry about malaria on the island.
BY the way we´re going to stay in Flic en flac

Hope for some answers


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Postby MmeTortue » Tue Aug 26, 2008 13:13

Hello Huskatt,

You don't need to worry if you're prepared:

While you stay close to the sea you only need to worry as soon as darkness falls. If you are not staying in a climatised environment you should put on some insect repellent (spray, cream, oil whatever) on exposed body parts (the little beasts love naked ankles in particular).

If you're sleeping room isn't climatised either (i.e. we don't have an aircon) you should be equipped with an electrical anti-moustique plug which you can buy in any supermarket on the island together with the little pellets to put in (i.e. Family mosquitoes mats). If you occupy two rooms take two, it's worthwile the investment!

Last but not least I would recommend to put on insect repellent whenever you and your family are going to visit places in the inner part of the island , i.e. Crocodile Park or Pamplemousse Botanical garden to mention just two of the places worthwhile to be visited as these places are mosquito infested.

Happy Holiday!

Mme. Tortue
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Postby nypy » Thu Aug 28, 2008 2:38

hi pia

i was last time in flick en flack and it was summer time in mauritius, only bites, what i got was from those very tiny flying things, not mosguitos, got very little red marks 2-3 days and then nothing anymore, not even scrathing to me, but some of our gruop got little.

so there are at least those little ones, don't know name, but they are not so harmfull.
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