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for our english speaking user.

Beitragvon Titus » So Aug 06, 2006 15:22

Though I also believe that Mauritian gouvernement has paid many favors to tourism industry concerning information on Chikungunya disease, I would still like to point out not to overestimate the dangers of same.

I (living in neighboring Reunion) had it last year - in my case, like in more than 95% of cases it's not really worse than a very strong flue.
Maybe this percentage also comes up to 97-98%, I'm not that sure.

At present (winter time here = much less mosquitoes) there remains only a very low risk to catch it.
I don't know the recent statistics from Mauritius but in Reunion there have been almost no cases last 3 weeks.
Personally, I've seen only 2 mosquitoes in the month of July.

My family (I was the only one who had it last year) has not been using repellents for the last 2-3 months. Also for our children.
There's not really the need for them in the moment.
Also, there had been no new cases in our city for this period, so we are quite calm on this.

It will get a little warmer in September. Still, we are in the dry season and heavy rains are supposed to begin not earlier than November, so good breading conditions for mosquitoes will not be given before.

Personally, I do not see any problems/risks for persons that are going to visit the islands up to November, as a mayor outbreak is not probable.
Most hopefully - this disease will not come up to a big scale also after that time.
There has been quite some work done to keep mosquito populations/breeding conditions low.
But this we will have to see by then. For the moment it's quite impossible to make any prognostics for next summer = after november.

Personally I expect some minor and locally restricted outbreaks, but much smaller than last summer.

PS: among the (relatively) few persons that suffered serious problems with that disease, there had been a lot that suffered also from diabetes (see your fried, scotsista) or liver problems and alcoholics.
As it may effect also the joints, I would recommend special precaution also to bobo_n
I don't remember any special threat to persons with respiratory problems. Though I should (if there is) - my kids suffer both from asthmatic problems.

moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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Beitragvon truevoice » Mo Aug 14, 2006 15:58

good to see the discussion has moved on and is much more open!!! Oh just want to point out that an expert on mosquitos has just advised the government of mauritius that its efforts at using Fogging as a tool to fight mosquitos, is most likely to have aggravated the problem!!!! Spread the infected Tiger Mosquitos and that they are likely to come back in winter with a vengeance island wide!!!! Now much more difficult to eradicate.

Big problem is locals dont take this thing seriously and are not making effort to keep "their house" in order and hence plenty of breeding ground! Lack of Government truthfulness is leading to misinformation and low preparedness.

Oh, also read Paul Berengers (Former PM , for those who dont know him)attack on the Govenerments concealment of Chik problem in Le Mauricien

UN also critical of Mauritius level of preparedness/erdadication plans.
encor Basic
encor Basic
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