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Mauritius/Reunion/Madagascar from Jan-March

for our english speaking user.

Mauritius/Reunion/Madagascar from Jan-March

Beitragvon goneglobal » So Sep 19, 2010 14:08

Hello to all,

My wife and I are semi-retired and spend several months each year travelling. I was born in the US.....she was born in France....and our 23 yo son and 27 yo daughter were born in Australia! So as you can see, we travel around-the-world just to visit our families! We are currently living in Paris.

We will be in Mauritius for the last three weeks of January, 2011 before taking a ship, the MS Pride to Reunion for a week or so, and then another ship, the MS Trochetia onto Madagascar for around 6 weeks.

In Mauritius, the ideal plan for us is to rent (or swap) accomodation in three different parts of the island, each for around a week, from the 10th of January. I mentioned 'swap' because our home in Paris is unoccupied for several months each year, most certainly when we are travelling! And it is a 3 bedroom house, not an apartment, which is quite rare in Paris. The equivilent on your island would be a beachfront villa if you have a property like this or know someone who does and would consider "free" accomodation in the City of Light.....

We travel on a budget and are willing to pay "the going rate" for private accommodation , depending on the place and it's location....if it's within a few minutes walk to the beach and a bus stop, etc.

As far as car rental is concerned, we are inclined to use a local company and spend 750-1000 MUR per day on a walk-in basis. We're a bit concerned that it's going to be 'peak' season....but will not get sucked into anything in advance that we may regret!

If you have or know of a place on the island that either you or your friends rent on a weekly basis , then please let us know!

Thanks in advance!

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Registriert: So Sep 19, 2010 13:56

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