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Mauritius Residents - SPIRALLING WHITEFLY (SWF) Problem

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Mauritius Residents - SPIRALLING WHITEFLY (SWF) Problem

Beitragvon mike@hibiscus » Sa Jan 22, 2005 9:45

Mauritius Ministry of Agriculture - Annex IId : BIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF THE SPIRALLING WHITEFLY (SWF)

For all Mauritian residents, this information may be of help, it certainly helped us. The Spiralling Whitefly (SWF) although completely harmless to humans has a severley detrimental affect on our enviroment. They may look like cute little butterflies but basically they eat everything in the garden!

We have been experiencing some problems with the SWF since 2001 and all types of pest control have been ineffective, they've just kept on returning! The only solution is to email or phone the Ministry of Agriculture to inform them that you have this pest in your garden. We recieved a phone call shortly after emailing them and they said "We will arrive in a couple of days with some predators which specifically eat the SWF".

The Ministry of Agriculture will come to your home and release approximately 20 pairs of Male & Females from test-tubes onto affected areas. They have been imported from Trinidad and are bred in a controlled enviroment here in Mauritius. The predators eat only the SWF and cause no harm to either you, your garden, or any other animals/wildlife. They advised us to cease any other pest control which may already be in place for your garden (i.e insecticidal spraying) as this will kill the predators and gave us a timescale of 3-6months before the SWF will be gone. Its a long term solution but one which has already had great results in parts of Mauritius.

It takes a bit of action on everyones behalf to be a success. If you can all check your gardens for white deposits underneath any leaves/foliage, particularly ornamentals and contact the Ministry of Agriculture if the SWF is detected. Together we can beat this problem!

More information and contact details can be located on the Mauritius Ministry of Agriculture website :

moris explorater
moris explorater
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