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Mauritius Population estimates 1 July 2002

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Mauritius Population estimates 1 July 2002

Beitragvon stefan » Mi Sep 10, 2003 9:04

1. Population estimates, 1st July 2002
As at 1st July 2002, the population of the Republic of Mauritius was estimated at 1,210,492 of whom 599,358 were males and 611,134 females, giving a sex ratio of 98.1.
Given a population of 1,200,170 at mid-2001, the population growth during the period July 2001 to June 2002 is estimated at around 0.9%. The population of the Island of Mauritius grew at a rate of 0.9%, rising from 1,163,875 (576,672 males and 587,203 females) in mid-2001 to 1,174,028 (581,276 males and 592,752 females) in mid-2002.



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