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Mauritius Genealogy Question

for our english speaking user.

Mauritius Genealogy Question

Beitragvon picpac » Do Okt 28, 2010 10:26

Hi to all on the forum.. [good]

I am new to this forum and of course and I am hoping that I could get some good information regarding Mauritian genealogy.

Of course I am Mauritian born [cool5] but I have been away from the island for almost 35 years... now living in Melbourne Australia.

I am trying to trace some of my ancestors but cannot find anything on the web.

So my question(s) is quite simple..

Is there any company or individuals who specialize in providing a service for Mauritian genealogy queries for a fee? or better is there a government website that you can do it yourself?

I know that this is a long shot that the Mauritian Government will provide anything for free.. [biggrin] but it is worth a shot..! [mocking]

I would appreciate any information on the subject.

Thank you in advance.. [good]


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Re: Mauritius Genealogy Question

Beitragvon Brucey » Sa Jan 01, 2011 16:06

Don't know of specialists but, if you've got at least some info. you could always try the national archives in Coramondel.
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Re: Mauritius Genealogy Question

Beitragvon Titus » Sa Jan 01, 2011 17:17

On this page:
you will find quite many helpful links, as:


Port Napoleon, Isle de France 1808 Census of Professionals (today Port Louis, Mauritius). Mauritius is an African island located in the Indian Ocean and an independent country (In French).
Emigration from Brittany and Normandy to Mauritius (In French)
Civilian Passengers from the Ports of France to Mauritius and Réunion 1717-1810 (In French)
Mauritius Genealogy Search at Geneanet
Mauritius 1776 Census. Mauritius, then Isle de France, is an African island located in the Indian Ocean and an independent country (In French).
Mauritius Notarial Act Index 1779-1809. Indexed by notary. For an overall surname index Click Here. Web sites in French.
Généalogie Mauricienne. Mauritius genealogy database. Over 50,000 individuals.

A link to genealogy newsgroups on yahoo of the region you will find on this page:

Another hint, if your ancestors may have been slaves, is to search the Slave Registry of the British Dependencies,
that is made available online by
Only for registered users (free) and not available on other sites of (ex.

I also counld t find it in other genealogic databases, seems like they made a deal with the British Gouvernement for exclusive rights.

Another good idea may be to contact the Mormons in Utah (no joke), they are very interested in genealogy and at least the made microfilms of Reunion registers and church books in the beginning of the 70ies.
I'd wonder if they didn't do the same with mauritius registers.

They got quite many online sites, as:
but at least the Reunion databases have never been made available online.

As far as I remember they reply to written requests, and also send copies of the microfilms on request.
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moris forum membre a'élite
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Re: Mauritius Genealogy Question

Beitragvon Bois_Cheri » Sa Jan 08, 2011 10:09

Hi Alex - I am writing a book for my grandchildren about the origins of my family. I started off by contacting relatives to find the earliest ancestor that people remember. Then I contacted family in Mauritius to obtain birth and death certificates to establish identities. Thus I found a great grandfather born in 1835 and his mother's name. Then I looked on for slave registers and found my great great grand mother. This led me to my great great great grand mother born in 1789 supposedly a Red Indian slave - I do not believe this by the way.
I am off the Mauritius on Monday morning for 3 weeks to look for evidence in the various libraries (LIbrary Carnegie in Curepipe) and also at the Mandela Centre for slave registers. I also intend looking for my great great grandfather and my grandfather stories. He was a Headmaster around 1900 and his brother was an Inspector Schools. I want to find out how the grandson of a slve achieved that. I started about 3 years ago and still looking. There is no online genealogy facility in Mauritius but the Civil Service will send copies of birth certificates and such but you need dates and names etc. It costs. I live in Perth by the way.

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