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Mauritian Passports

for our english speaking user.

Beitragvon Kvyr » Mo Dez 04, 2006 14:03

I have recently inherited some property from my Mauritian mother, so I will do my best to explain the process.

If you wish to sell (without you ever owning it) your parents property, there is no need to acquire a Mauritian passport. Obviously if you do wish the property to be put in your name you will need one. I am selling 2 pieces of land and all I needed was a death cert, my British passport and 2 witnesses to certify I am the only child/beneficiary.

With regard to a Mauritian passport, you can apply through the Mauritius High Commission in London (takes approx 3 months) or directly in Mauritius (approx 7 days). There is however an age limitation (which I thought was 21) but at 25, I have managed to apply. A relative, in his 30s will have to apply directly with the government in person, in Mauritius.

Hope this helps!

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Registriert: Mo Jul 31, 2006 23:45

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