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Mauritian Artists CDs

for our english speaking user.

Mauritian Artists CDs

Beitragvon ud » Mi Okt 10, 2007 21:53

Hello folks,

There are a few tourists who have been to Mauritius and set back to their home countries with some sega tunes on their mind. Well fear not as I've come across a website where you can order the CDs. Well I thought I would post the link here.

I'm not adversiting the company but this is the only website I'm aware of which sells our local artist albums.

Mauritian Artist Boutik

@ $$$Admin$$$

"Please delete if I'm breaching any rules or transfer to Introduce Yourself Section"

Best Regards


moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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Re: Mauritian Artists CDs

Beitragvon mauritianartists » Mi Okt 08, 2014 19:30

You can also discover mauritian artists here.
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Registriert: Mi Okt 08, 2014 19:25

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